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Galèrapagos (FR)

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After your ship sinks, your group of survivors find themselves on a desert island where food and water are scarce.


After your ship sinks, your group of survivors find themselves on a desert island where food and water are scarce. The only solution to escape this nightmare: build a large raft together to take the survivors on board, but time is running out because a hurricane is on the horizon ...

Each turn, the shipwrecked players will have to choose one of four actions: fish, collect water, look for wood or search the wreckage of the boat.
Team up to survive but be prepared to sacrifice your comrades in the event of a shortage.
An almost cooperative game where you will have to be as cunning as a diplomat to guarantee yourself a place for the return trip !!

Principle of the game

In this cooperative game each turn takes place in strict order. First, the change of the starting player. Except in the first turn, the first player card will pass into the hands of the person to the right of the player who had it in the previous turn. Then a weather card is drawn, which is used when harvesting water. Indeed, when a bright sun is shining it is impossible to collect water. After that, it's the players' turn, they will be able to perform one of the four possible actions.

Catch a fish.

To catch a fish, the player must draw a ball from the bag and advance the food pawn according to the number of fish indicated on it.

Collect water

Unless it is sunny, it is possible to advance the water counter according to the number indicated on the weather card.

Collect wood and build the raft

The player must move the wooden pawn one step forward and decide whether or not to draw one or more additional balls from the bag. If the black ball does not appear the player can advance as many spaces as the number of balls drawn, otherwise he will be bitten by the snake and be poisoned.

Search the wreck

The player draws a wreckage card and adds it to their hand.

Last step, the survival of the castaways. We're going to have to do the food and water count. Starting with the water, we will have to move back the pawns of the same number as the players. Be careful, if there is not enough food or water, a vote will be held on who will survive. To win the game, you must have left the island alive before drawing the hurricane card from the weather deck.


Language French
Mechanism : Card Game, Bluff
Length : 20 minutes
Number of player : 3 to 12 players
Level : Beginner
Age : 10 years old and over

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